Friday, 26 February 2010


I adore the olives stuffed with chillies you get in Waitrose but they are expensive.

So, I open my fridge get out my hot chillies, green and black olives from Aldi and make me own.

I am currently in heaven and for half the price!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

It has been too long...

Rubbish blogging of late!

First a bit of good news- I passed all my exams at uni for last term! Yay!

Spring is definitely springing and there are crocuses to join the snowdrops- far too exciting! I love spring so much and I am adoring the lighter evenings.

Not long til my 21st birthday now so I am starting to make plans for it. I'll really be a grown up! This is a bit scary.

Finally, I am thinking of starting to properly get into this writing business! I have a bit of an idea forming so this seems like a good start. Also a Paperchase opened up in Newcastle recently- I obviously need writing stationery (Note to self: I must remember I am only a student so should not spend a fortune on pretty things even if I want to!)