Monday, 25 January 2010


I'd forgotten how lovely a walk in the countryside was. I did a short walk with my dad to Corbridge (a little town near me.) It was only 4 miles but it was gorgeous. The weather was miserable. It was grey and drizzly but to be able to look out over the Tyne Valley and see little long tailed tits, bull fiches and dippers all around you. To see the roots the poor rabbits had been gnawing on cos there is no food and just to see nature and clean your wellies in the river cos they're all muddy. Well, it reminds you sometimes that you are lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. Literally 10 minutes walk from my doorstep.


P.S. The snowdrops are coming out in our garden too!

Friday, 22 January 2010


The heating is broken and my feet are so cold. Of all the places to be cold it is my feet!

Thank God for socks :D

The weird but good thing is that we have hot water still- we have no idea what has gone wrong!

Also yay for finishing exams though. Even though they went terribly. I am so scared for results cos I reckon I will be in resit city. Howvever if it is I know I have modules I am looking forward to next term so should focus on those instead of looking at what is to come in the summer. I can't wait for the summer! I have a lovely break planned for my 21st birthday in June and a new flat to move into. Lots and lots of fun to come up.

Ooh and as for my list- knitting started!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The snow is melting...

The snow is nearly all gone now. The huge piles that I seriously thought would never melt! It is mainly grey slush still marking my boots with the salt and grit!

I have done two exams and have one more to go. I am not very confident with my results so far but we'll have to wait and see. I suppose as my mother always says, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

I am going to have a go at doing some writing this week. Any ideas for inspiration would be welcomed! Eventually I hope to post something up here... something which would be really scary for me to do but I really want to!

Hope you are all having a lovely and relaxing Sunday!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It is a bit busy at the moment.

I have uni exams and really need to revise for them. I had my first one yesterday and it was a total disaster. I actually think I might have failed it. However it got me thinking- what would you do with your life if you had taken a different route?

If I hadn't gone to uni where would I be now? What job would I be doing? Where would I even be living?

It is weird cos I don't actually know! I'd like to think I was doing something I was passionate about and working hard and playing hard. I'd like to think I took my holidays wisely and travelled like I have always wanted to do.

There has been a sad happening in my family and I continue to think and pray for everyone in this time. It is at times like this you realise how important family is and how you must support and care for each other always. Of course these are things you automatically do anyways but it is highlighted in times of need. Especially when it jolts you back into existence and you realise that exam isn't the most important thing in your life. The people who are in your life are what matters.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Now I love snow. It looks pretty and makes you feel all glowy inside. It makes up for the slushy, rainy, dreary days of winter. That is until...

It stops you from going out cos you can't get places.

People get cut off.

It is too cold.

You worry about getting into town to hand your essay in.

You worry about people you know travelling because it is dangerous.

You get bored of sitting in the house doing work when you want to go play.

You liv stupidly far away from everyone in a stupid place.

Maybe I just like the idea of snow...

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I have remembered something I want to do this year- go to watch more rugby matches. I used to adore watching rugby. I will definitely look into buying some tickets.

Right now I should be revising and I am in bed... not the greatest start! I just have such a lack of motivation at the moment and it is awful. Everytime I get my books and notes out I just think of something else I'd rather do. Do this ever happen to you?

I still love uni and my subject but that little spark that gets enthusiastic has dampened at the minute. I think it is because of the time of year and the pressure to do well that I put on myself is all a bit much. Ihave just backed off and run away from the stress rather than tackling it head on. I will get up and do something about it but at this very moment I'm staying snuggled up.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010- It's going to be a busy year!

This year:

I would like to become better at knitting.

Think about writing more- I have a dream of writing a book. Blogging is probably a good place to get me scribbling (or typing) again.

Go visit folks more.

Learn more about myself. Just generally become more self-aware. As my dad always says, "Maturity is self-knowledge."

Sing more. Whenever and where ever!

Go to more gigs.

Keep on working hard at uni.

Go out in the countryside more and appreciate how lucky I am to live here.

Read and learn all the stuff from my etiquette books. I'll be ready for all social occassions. Maybe I could buy one of those titles and become a Lady...

Organise my future and figure out how I can achieve my plans.

Make proper plans for the future... (Maybe that should go before organising.)

Go to see more comedy.

Go to Scotland.

Practise my cooking and baking skills.

Write more letters and post more parcels.

Keep a scrapbook.

Go to the theatre more and get involved with drama.

Read all my Harry Potter books again.

Learn more about philosophy.

There are probably a million things that will come to me when I post this but it is a start!