Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hello Sunshine

How lovely is Spring at the minute?! I know everything is behind cos of the weather but I simply love the light and little flowers and being safe in the fact it is only going to get more wonderful out there! Fantastic.

I can't believe I am 21 in just over a week. It seems so grown up! Then a week later I am going to Morocco (I also somehow have to fit 7000 words worth of essays and a project into the next two and a half weeks... Oh my goodness. Thankfully two of the longer essays aren't due in until mid May but I'd like a head start on them!)

It's about to get very busy indeed and I'm going to throw myself right in to the deep end with work. Even though that is scary I also am so excited for all the fun and giggles that are going to occur too- I can't get too wound up about working when there is so many good times planned!

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