Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hello Sunshine :)

Looking out of the window and seeing fluffy clouds and blue sky AND knowing it isn't freezing out there makes my heart soar. I look back at the post I did nearly two years ago and I feel exactly the same. Crocuses make me grin like a silly loon, the snow drops are still going strong (they have been since January in our garden!) The million birds that have suddenly appeared in our garden. We always have lots of birds but in the last week the population appears to have doubled!

I love the birds in the garden. It is a bit of a secret passion of mine to sit and watch them with a cup of tea. The clumsy wood pidgeons, the pretty blue tits, blackbirds, chaffinches and my favourites the long tailed tits. The long tailed tits fly around in groups so if you see one you know there will be more nearby. We get slightly less regular visitors such as the nuthatch, woodpeckers (and thankfully even rarer the sparrowhawk!) It is a wonderful priviledge of living so close to the countryside that I can look out the window and see such a beautiful array of birds.

What is your favourite bird?

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