Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dumplings and Nails

It is funny how sometimes the foods you hate turn into the home comforts you can't wait to eat and enjoy lovingly making.

I used to dislike mince and dumplings with a passion. Now I adore them! Mind you I was a very fussy eater when I was little. Mushrooms, 'raw' (i.e. unmelted) cheese, tomatoes, any form of fish/sea food that wasn't fish and chips or fish fingers. Now I list these foods as some of my favourites. Cos I actually tried them and fell in love.

However there is still one thing I will not eat. How do I like my eggs in the morning? None existent please. I cannot stand an egg. I *can* eat an omlette or quiche but would prefer not to. It is something that really annoys me cos I wish I could.

Do you have any introductory egg recipes?!

Also on the nail front, I have put some falsies on. Pretty pink ones, but I can't decided if they look silly or not. I've cut and filed them down so they aren't talons but I can't tell if I am a falsie girl or not. I'll give them a couple more days and see how I feel!

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