Friday, 23 March 2012

Five Minute Fridays: Loud

After finding the blog through my friend Claire's blog I decide to join in with her Five Minute Friday blogging.

The idea is to write for a straight five minutes on a topic and this week it is LOUD.


Sometimes I feel if I shout louder than the person I who is shouting at me I'll win the argument. I have been shouting when I lose my temper for years now but I instantly regret it. I regret the ugly words that come out and only come out if you shout loud. I try to stay quieter now when I feel angry and that means my loudness stays inside which means the things I don't mean don't come out.

If I am loud the raise in volume can bring a raise in temperature I don't mean. I think it is best to stay quieter nowadays. Maybe it is a sign of growing up?

I think I am still loud in situations where there is fun. That kind of loud of laughter bubbling and overflowing is a good type of loud. I guess I have two types of loud: my angry loud and my laughing loud andf they are very distinct from each other. The fact that the angry loud is more controlled is a good thing (except when it gets loud in your head cos there are lots of thoughts swirling around- sometimes then a good stomp about to loud music helps then) and the fact I can laugh loudly is a good thing.


Wow. That is a whole lot of babbling!


  1. excellent distinction - a good loud that signifies feeling free and having fun... and a bad loud that indicates spiraling out of control and leads to regrets.

    have a great friday!

  2. It is truly a great development, to be able to hold in some of those first thoughts and feelings so that we don't say things we will regret in the future!

    Hope you have a great weekend.